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Eco tour- enjoy traveling with helping the nature

Every sensible person must have heard the scariest word ‘GLOBAL WARMING’. It doesn’t respect any political boundaries. Many organizations, NGOs and even Tour Companies are doing their effort to protect environment and making people aware about the importance of real beauty of nature.

Eco tourism is also an important part of protecting and giving respect to our nature and its resources. It is not only enjoying the deep jungles having sky-kissing trees or watching the roaring lions, but also to give your somewhat, how much little may be, contribution to the nature and the people living there.

Many tour companies might confuse with the terminology like green tourism, nature based tourism, and sustainable tourism. But eco tourism has somewhat little difference with them. During enjoying the eco tour you not only enjoy the nature but also help in conserving and improving the place.

But in nature based tourism one can only smile to watching the beauty of nature, but unfortunately cannot satisfy his inner-self who always questions him for not helping the nature who has given him so much.

Some may use green tourism interchangeably with eco tourism, but remember both are not same. Green tourism is that type of tour where you go only that place which has some or many already environment friendly features.

 Now the question must be torturing your minds that how can we as simple human beings help the nature and people during tour. You just have to follow some basic rule:

1-Try to choose a eco friendly guest-house, lodge or with a local people.

2-Do not create garbage here and there.

3-Buy local hand made eco friendly crafts and products, by which you can help the people.

4-Why don’t you enjoy the light of sun and wind come through leaves of trees? Just forget the electric light and fans for some days.  

 Some eco tourism companies even provide corporate sponsorship for the employees of any company. By which company can have reward their employees for helping the environment. This way company can boost the morale of their employees and also can have tax benefits.

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Tour Guide Code of Conduct


BE PREPARED. Know your presentation/s and itinerary.

When you are not sure, find out.

USE SIMPLE TERMS the simpler, the better.

AVOID CUSS OR VULGAR WORDS. Being crude has no place in the

tourism industry.

TALK naturally, positively and clearly. Do not rush or eat your words.

REACT. Study your clients. If you notice doubt or puzzlement, repeat what

your said or use other words to say what you want to say.


DECORUM Maintain proper decorum at all times


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